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How do I create Shop Pages/Categories?

  • Click on the Shop Pages link on the left hand menu.
  • Click on the page in the structure where you want to add a page. (If this is the first time you've used your shop then you will only have one page here called "Home").
  • Scroll down to the Add Page Section.
  • Here you should fill in the boxes that you require.
    • Name: Enter the name of page
    • Introduction: Enter text that you want to appear on the page (this will only display if your template contains the <!--page_intro--> <!--/page_intro--> pseudo Tags).
    • Page TITLE: This is the title that appears on the page (this is important for search engines)
    • META description: This is the description that will be picked up by search engines
    • META keywords: This is the keywords that are used by the search engines.
  • Click the Add Page button at the bottom.

If you want to add products to this page then do the following:

  • Click the (products ??) link to the right of the page that you want to add products to.
  • This will display a list of all product ids found on that page (if any). There is a box at the bottom of the page to type in the product id of the product that you want to add.
  • After you've filled in the product id box, click the update button.
If your product doesn't exist in the database then GT will ask if you want to add a new product.

How do I add a Product?

  • Click the 'Products' menu on the left
  • Use the top form and enter an Product ID and click 'Proceed'. The Product ID MUST only contain letters and numbers and be in UPPER CASE.
  • In this form you can write a description, add the price and so on. Click the 'Browser' button to select the product image on your hard disk. You can specify associated products, such as batteries for electrical goods, and active or out of stock items.
  • Your products may be available in different sizes, colours and so on. Click 'Easy Edit' next to Product Options. You can specify the name of the options and then the type of option and prices difference. Click 'Easy Edit' again to add more options.
  • When you click the Update button, you will see your store structure. You must click a link to add the product you just entered to a page.

How do I rebuild my Shop?

When you have finished creating all the pages and have added all the products you can click the 'Rebuild Shop'. This can take some time so be patient.
NB: If you find that you have problems when you rebuild, please check that all the details you have entered are correct. If you find you still have problems then tick the "Rebuild existing pages fresh from templates" box before you click 'Rebuild Shop'. This will usually fix any strange problems.

When the shop has been rebuilt a link to the home page is displayed and you can browse the pages of your store. Click the link to see your finished shop site.

How do I view past Orders?

Click the Orders button on the menu. This will display a list of all the orders that have gone through the site. From here you can set each order to a certain status: Unpaid, Paid, Probably Paid and Archive. You can do this by select the relevant item from the drop down list and clicking update at the bottom.

Once archived the Orders can be retrieved by FTPing into your shop and going into /trolleyed_admin/orders/archive. You will find Orders are categorised by month and year. To view an order download it to your computer and view using a text editor.

How do I change my password?

Go to the passwords section of the admin system. Click the checkbox marked "Changed Password/IP" next to the user that you want to change. Then click the Proceed button. You will be asked to enter the new password, you must repeat the password to confirm it. Then click the Update button to save the new password.

How do I set-up weight options for my products?

This is done in several steps:

  1. In the Shop Setup section of the admin system enter the following details:
    • Weight attribute name
    • Weight unit
    • Weight display decimal places
    Then click update at the bottom.
  2. In Postage Rates set-up break points for your weights.
  3. For each product enter a weight, when the product is added to the cart, the weight will be multiplied by the quantity. Once the customer gets to the checkout the total weight will be calculated and a total postage will be displayed.
You will need to do a shop rebuild to finish the changes.

Can I format the text in Product Descriptions and Page Intros, etc?

The following is a list of all the description tags that can be used within GT, place these in as described in the table below:

Tag Description Example
\p New Paragraph
\n New Line
\br New Line
\lt Less Than sign <
\gt Greater Than sign >
\b{Your Text} Bold Text Your Text
\i{Your Text} Italics Text Your Text
\u{Your Text} Underlined Text Your Text
\s{Your Text} Strikethrough Your Text
\greek{Your Text} Greek (symbol) text Your Text
\red{Your Text} Red Text Your Text
\orange{Your Text} Orange Text Your Text
\yellow{Your Text} Yellow Text Your Text
\green{Your Text} Green Text Your Text
\cyan{Your Text} Cyan Text Your Text
\blue{Your Text} Blue Text Your Text
\purple{Your Text} Purple Text Your Text
\white{Your Text} White Text Your Text
\gray{Your Text} Gray Text Your Text
\black{Your Text} Black Text Your Text
\li{Item 1, Item2, Item 3, etc} List Item
  • Item 1
  • Item2
  • Item 3
  • etc
\textsize{number,Your Text} Text Size Your Text size 3
\colour{Hex_code,Your Text} Colour text by hex code Your Text: aaaa00 colour
\link{URL, text description} Link to URL with text description
\wlink{URL, text description} Link to URL with text description, this will open in a new window
\image{URL to image} URL of the image

You can also use standard HTML instead of these tags if you prefer.

NB: Please note that some of these will only work in the latest version of Get-Trolleyed.

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