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This site is available for resellers and end users who wish to view general information about setting up and maintaining their Get Trolleyed site. Please visit regularly and perhaps let us know if anything else should be here.

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  1. General

    1. Where do I find the Getting Started Guide/Help Files?
    2. How do I replace the default homepage on my site?
    3. How do I link my current site to my GT Shop?
    4. How do I activate Product Pop-ups? (and make changes to them).
    5. I'm using frames on my site but I keep getting new windows opening when I click a link.
    6. What is the path to my Primary Log File?
    7. How do I hide the Quantity Box?
    8. How do I change the Quantity Box into a Drop Down List?
    9. How do I create my own Special Offer Templates?
    10. What # variables can I use in the E-mail templates found in Order Processing and in my HTML templates?
    11. Can I change the list of countries that is displayed?
    12. Can I remove the Country Select from the Cart?
    13. Can I remove the Postage Select from the Cart?
  2. E-mail

    1. What is the Outgoing SMTP Server? How do I send Outgoing E-mails?
    2. How do I set-up my POP account in Outlook Express?
    3. Can I use Formmail on my site?
    4. How do I send product IDs in the e-mails from the shop?
  3. Domains

    1. How do I transfer my domain to Get-Trolleyed?
    2. How do I transfer my .com/.net/other domain to Get-Trolleyed?
    3. How do I transfer my domain registered through (this includes to Get-Trolleyed?
  4. Shop

    1. How do I create Shop Pages/Categories?
    2. How do I add a Product?
    3. How do I rebuild my Shop?
    4. How do I view past Orders?
    5. How do I change my password?
    6. How do I set-up weight options for my products?
    7. Can I format the text in Product Descriptions and Page Intros, etc?
  5. Payment Providers

    1. Protx
    2. WorldPay
    3. SecPay
    4. NetBanx
    5. HSBC
    6. Velocity Pay
    7. Secure Trading
    8. Debitech
    9. ePDQ
    10. E-Clear
    11. NoChex
    12. PayPal
  6. PGP

    1. How do I install PGP (in Windows)?
    2. How do I install PGP (in Mac OS)?
    3. How do I create a new PGP Key Pair?
    4. How do I Export my public PGP key?
    5. I've got my Shop ID, now what?
    6. Can I change how my shop looks on the secure server?
  7. How do I decrypt a message using PGP?

    1. Using PGP with Microsoft Outlook
    2. Using PGP with Microsoft Outlook Express
    3. Using PGP with Other Mailers
  8. Images

    1. How do I put product images into the admin system?
    2. When I upload product image it hangs. How can I add a product image?
    3. How do I upload an image through FTP?
    4. How do I add a default image/thumbnail to my products?
    5. Can I change the "Add to Cart" and "Go!" buttons?
  9. FTP

    1. Where do I find all the files in FTP?
    2. I've lost my FTP details what should I do?
  10. Templates

    1. Where do I find my templates?
    2. What are the Get-Trolleyed templates?
    3. How do I edit my templates?
    4. What are the common 'Pseudo' Tags used in Get-Trolleyed?
    5. tpl_addprod.htm
    6. tpl_cart.htm
    7. tpl_checkout.htm
    8. tpl_home.htm
    9. tpl_news.htm
    10. tpl_offers.htm
    11. tpl_popup.htm
    12. tpl_shop.htm
    13. tpl_viewcart.htm
    14. How do I add Custom Text Fields to my Products?
    15. How do I make Text Input Boxes change the price of a product?
    16. Can I add custom checkboxes to my products?
    17. Can I add select boxes to my products where you can select more than one option?
  11. GT Database (CSV)

    1. How do I edit the GT Database (without using the Admin System)?
    2. How do I download the CSV files?
    3. How do I edit the products.csv file?
    4. How do I enter Product Options into my products.csv file?
    5. How do I edit the pagenodes.csv?
    6. How do I edit the pageproducts.csv file?
    7. How do I upload the CSV Files?
    8. How do I check the changes that I've made?
    9. Can I download the files used in your example?

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