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 = running your shop
  + brief overview
  + user administration
  + shop pages
  + products
  + special offers
  + shop setup
  + postage rates
  + VAT
  + program setup
  + order processing
    - template variables
  + feedback form
  + news
  + rebuild
  + reports
  + orders
  + how ordering works
  + timesaving for the brave

Welcome to the get trolleyed manual. To make it easier to read, you will only see information I think you need to know. If you want to see more, you can change your user level below.

You are currently viewing help as a . To change your user level for this help session, select your new user level at the bottom of the page. Use the passwords section of the shop admin to permanently change your user level.

What are these user types?

The names of these types are only rough guides. Each includes all the information from preceding user levels.

Shop Owner

Information you need to administrate your shop once it is configured and templates are in place. Web skills assumed: can enter forms and click buttons.

Web Designer

Information on designing templates, and other hints to help you get the shop working. Web skills assumed: Above + Knows HTML and how to use an FTP client to upload files and change file permissions (if on UNIX).


Installing the gt software on your server, security precautions, general integration issues. Web skills assumed: Above + Knows how to administrate their server

Perl Head

Writing your own Special Offer templates and other very geeky customisation thingies. Web skills assumed: Above + ability to write Perl, knowledge of 'hashes of hashes' and how CGI works particularly useful.