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How do I put product images into the admin system?

Find a product on the site (use the Products section of the admin system). Once you've found your product, you will see two boxes with Browse buttons next to them. Click either browse button, this will give you a new window allowing to browse your computer and select the image./p>

When I upload product image it hangs. How can I add a product image?

This usually occurs because your image is either too big (the maximum file size is 40KB) or your connection isn't fast enough to upload the file (your internet browser only allows 60 seconds to upload the image - there is NO way of increasing this). If the problem continues you, should see the questions below.

How do I upload an image through FTP?

First you will need to name your images.

  • Make sure that each image is either a .jpg or a .gif image
  • All fullsize images should be named with the product_id.extension all in lowercase.
    For example if your product id is: SPOON01 then your image should be called spoon01.jpg
  • All thumbnail images should take the same names but start with "t_" (no quotes).
    So thumbnail for the example above would be: t_spoon01.jpg

Uploading the Images

Once you have finished naming your images (and checked that they are correct). Then follow these steps to upload them to your site:

  1. Open your FTP client and connect to your site.
  2. Go to the "/public_html/shop/images/products" folder (no quotes).
  3. Upload your images here. (Depending on how many images you have, this may take quite a bit of time).

Viewing Your Products With Images

To see your finished products with their images, you will need to enter the Shop Admin system and perform a shop rebuild. Your images should then appear correctly, if you find that images aren't appearing then double check your image names against your product ids (NB: Remember that product id's can only be letters and numbers).

How do I add a default image/thumbnail to my products?

In FTP upload the following two images:

  • default_image.jpg
  • default_thumbnail.jpg

When you next do a rebuild any product without an image with have an image displayed.

Can I change the "Add to Cart" and "Go!" buttons?

Put the following images, as appropriate, into your template folder (where all your tpl_...htm files are found):

  • order.gif - "Add to Cart" button
  • go.gif - "Go!" button
You can use .gif, .jpg and .png files for these (just replace the .gif in the filenames above).

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