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Where do I find all the files in FTP?

The following folders are important in FTP:
/ (or root) This is the main folder for your site, you will find the following folders here:
  • cgi-bin - this is where all the scripts are found. The GT scripts should be left alone, any changes made to the GT scripts can NOT be supported.
  • logs - this is where all the logs for the site are found.
  • public_html - see below
  • trolleyed_admin - (see below)
  • users - this is where user information is stored, this should be left in place.
  • passwd
/trolleyed_admin/ GT Database is found here.
/public_html/ This is where anything that you want to appear on the web goes.
/public_html/shop/ This is where the online shop files appear.
/public_html/shop/html_templates/ You can find the all the templates here. Each is contained in its own folder.
/public_html/shop/images/products/ All the product images go here.

I've lost my FTP details what should I do?

Please contact support and we will re-send you your username and password

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