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What is the Outgoing SMTP Server? How do I send Outgoing E-mails?

We don't supply an SMTP Outgoing E-mail Server. If you have problems sending your e-mail or you need to know what the SMTP server for your e-mail is then please contact your ISP.

How do I set-up my POP account in Outlook Express?

  • Open Outlook Express.
  • Go to the Tools Menu then select Accounts.
  • This will display a dialog showing all your accounts. On the right, you should see an Add button. Click this then select Mail from the menu.
  • The Internet Connection Wizard will appear. First of all type in the name that will appear on e-mails sent from this account. Then click the Next Button.
  • Select the "I already have an e-mail...." radio button. In the box underneath type in the e-mail address. Then click Next.
  • On this screen fill in the following items:
    1. Make sure that the top drop-down list displays POP3.
    2. In the "Incoming Mail box..." (the second one down) type in the name of the POP3 Server.
    3. In the bottom text box, "Outgoing Mail...." type in the name of your SMTP Server.
      (This is the name of the server that your ISP has provided you with).
    4. When these are filled in click the next button.
  • In the next screen, enter your username in the Account Name box. In the password box enter the password that you use for this account. Make sure that the remember password box is ticked (otherwise you will have to enter your password each time you access the e-mail account). When these are done click the next button.
  • Finally click the Finish button to return to the list of E-mail account.
  • When you have finished click the Close button to close this window and return to Outlook Express.

Can I use Formmail on my site?

No, we don't allow you to use your own formmail scripts on sites that we host (if you don't host with us then it is up to your hosting provider). If you want to use formmail, then you can use the generic one that we've set-up on our main website. Please contact us for more details.

How do I send product IDs in the e-mails from the shop?

If you want GT to send you product codes then login to the admin system and go to Order Processing. Edit the two templates found at the bottom: Inc VAT order text template & Ex VAT order text template. In these add the following line under the tag:

Product ID: #prodid#

Then click the update button.

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