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GT Database (CSV)

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How do I edit the GT Database (without using the Admin System)?

This guide assumes that you have already added a few products to your shop through the GT admin system. If not then please add some using the admin system now, the CSV files will make more sense once that has been done.

The Shop Structure and Product Database is made up of three CSV files, these are outlined below:
products.csv Contains the information about your products.
pagenodes.csv Contains the page structure of your shop.
pageproducts.csv Puts the products into the Categories. (This file seems to cause the most confusion but isn't as difficult as you might think).

How do I download the CSV files?

  • Open up your FTP client and login to your site.
  • Browse to your /trolleyed_admin directory.
  • Download the three files, products.csv, pagenodes.csv & pageproducts.csv (NB: We suggest you keep a copy of these safe as you may need them again, if you make a mistake).

How do I edit the products.csv file?

Open up the products.csv file in your preferred spreadsheet/database program. Once open you will find the following fields:
prodid Product ID - Should only contain letters and numbers. Also this should all be in UPPER CASE.
product_name Product Name.
unitprice Unit Price - Don't enter a currency symbol here otherwise your unit price won't be picked up.
weight Weight - If using the weight options (see Shop Setup for details how to set this up) then enter the weight of your product here.
taxcode Tax Code - Enter the id of the Tax Code that you are using here or leave blank for the default. Tax Codes are set-up in the GT admin system through the "VAT" menu item.
displayoff Product Display - This is used to select the various states that a product can have, these are as follows:
  • 1 - product out of stock (will be shown in shop as out of stock)
  • 2 - product is inactive (won't appear in shop)
  • blank - product is available
options Product Options - Enter your product options here. You can add as many options as you want. I've put full details of Product Options below.
description Description of the Product - If you want to put text on a new line then use "\n" (without quotes).
image Image Name - Leave this blank, the image name will be filled in by GT.
offerid Offer ID - Leave this blank, this will be set-up by GT when you add Special Offers.

How do I enter Product Options into my products.csv file?

To set-up an option Type it's name followed by and equals sign. After this type each option separated by the pipe "|" (no quotes) symbol. For example: OptionName=Value1|Value2|Value3 would create the following option:

If you require more than one option box then this is possible, you can separate sets of options by using two stars "**" (no quotes). For example: Option1Name=Value1|Value2|Value3**Option2Name=Value1|Value2
Option1Name: Option2Name:
If you want your options to have an effect on the actual price of the product then this can be done by putting the following rules in brackets next to the option name:
  • (+5) - Would add 5 to the unit price
  • (-3) - Would subtract 3 from the unit price
  • (20) - Would change the unit price to 20

For example:

Option1Name: Option2Name:

How do I edit the pagenodes.csv?

Open up the pagenodes.csv file in your preferred spreadsheet/database program. Once open you will find the following fields:
node_id Unique ID of the page.
parent ID of the parent page - see below for an example.
name Name of the Page - for listing in admin system, it will be used in the shop if the title is left blank.
description Description.
title Title of the Page - this is seen by the customer when browsing the shop. (If left blank then the name will be used instead).
meta_description Meta Description for Search Engines.
meta_keywords Meta Keywords for search Engines.

For example:

In the following example, you will see how the page nodes table works into the shop pages structure. In my example of the tree below, I have included the node id's in brackets next to the name. (NB: In the example I have only include the first three columns to save space, you should have all seven columns in your file).

The other thing to remember is that the first item in the table should always have a node_id of 1 and a parent of 1, otherwise the shop structure will not display correctly. The reason for this is that each shop must have a main page for all the categories.
node_id parent name
1 1 Merchandise
2 1 Plastic Boxes
3 2 Tupperware
4 2 Dayglo
5 1 Cardboard Boxes

  • Merchandise (1)
    • Plastic Boxes (2)
      • Tupperware (3)
      • Dayglo (4)
    • Cardboard Boxes (5)
If you are struggling to sort out the structure that you require then it is best to try and do the following:
  • Draw a tree showing the page structure you want.
  • Assign a number to each page.
  • Work out the node_id/parent elements of each page.
  • Create the data file using the tree as a reference.

How do I edit the pageproducts.csv file?

Open up the pageproducts.csv file in your preferred spreadsheet/database program. Once open you will find the following fields:
nodeid Node ID of a Shop Page
prodid Product ID
ranking Product Ranking - Controls the order that the products appear on the page.

For example:

Here is an example of a pageproducts.csv file. (NB: It uses the page structure from my previous example).
nodeid prodid ranking
3 TUPPER01 0
3 TUPPER02 1
3 TUPPER03 2
3 TUPPER04 3
4 DAYGLO01 0
4 DAYGLO02 1

Using this the pages Tupperware (4 products), Dayglo (2 products) and Cardboard Boxes (2 products) would all contain products. While the Merchandise and Plastic Boxes pages do not contain any products.

NB: The first page in your pagenodes.csv file can NOT contain any products.

How do I upload the CSV Files?

Once you have finished editing your three files, you will want to upload them back to your site. Again this is done through FTP and the following steps:

  • Open up your FTP client and login to your site.
  • Browse to your /trolleyed_admin directory.
  • Upload the three files; products.csv, pagenodes.csv & pageproducts.csv. (NB: You may be asked to overwrite the files that are currently in the trolleyed_admin folder, please check that you are overwriting the correct files and proceed when ready).

How do I check the changes that I've made?

Now that you've got your page structure and products on the site. Its time to open up a web browser and check the details in your shop admin. Once you've checked things in there and it seems fine then do a Shop Rebuild and you'll be able to see how your shop looks.

If you find a problem with your shop after you've uploaded the three files then open the up again and check that you have followed all the rules above. The most commonly made mistakes are:

  • Non-Letters or Numbers in your Product IDs
  • Incorrect Parent IDs in pagenodes.csv
  • Products not matched to the right Node in pageproducts.csv
  • Unique Product IDs

Can I download the files used in your example?

If you want to take a look at the products.csv, pagenodes.csv and pageproducts.csv files that I've created in my examples then please click here to download them (1.2KB Zipped).

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